Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10/29/13 Morning NFL Updates

Detroit Lions' Jim Schwartz explains why he scaled back Joseph Fauria's role against Cowboys

 Tuesday morning one-liners, including a billion dollars just doesn't buy what it used to

 At the trade deadline, expect the unexpected

 Chuck Pagano says the Colts are "standing pat" at receiver

 The latest B/R NFL Power Rankings

 Tom Brady & Gisele dress up as Cowardly Lion and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz for Halloween

 Tony Gonzalez seems to want out, but he knows he can't ask for it

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Picking Stats for first 9 weeks

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Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 NFL Season - Week 9 - Thursday Night Game


Cincinnati at Miami 

Cincinnati road games have been close affairs;

At Chicago they lost 21-24
At Cleveland they lost  L 6-17
At  Buffalo they won 27 -24 as they did the exact same score in Detroit the following week

The last four weeks have seen the Bengals play good football and they have won their last four games.

Miami home games have been close affairs also;

vs Atlanta they won 27-23
vs Baltimore they lost 23-26
vs Buffalo they lost 21-23

They have lost the last four weeks. 

Overall the stats don't add up for Miami - they don't play well in October ( 3-7 in last 3 seasons). They're (7-11) in last 3 seasons when playing against a winning team and in last 3 seasons they are (4-7) during weeks 5 through 9

In my opinion it will be a close game but Cincinnati will win out - Cincinnati 23 / Miami 21

Returning to Blog Writing

It's been almost 3 years since my last post on here but as I reach early retirement age in a few short months, I have decided to return to what I love doing, blogging about pro football and shortly I will be writing another blog also about my other new found passion of the last 2 years > Golf 

See you all back here in a few days...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

2010 NFL Season - Week 12

Thursday Games - winning picks in red

New England at Detroit

Cincinnati at NYJets

New Orleans at Dallas

Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 NFL Season - Week 11

Sunday Games - winning picks are in red

Baltimore at Carolina - Baltimore has the upper edge because Carolina's defense is poor, poor, poor

Buffalo at Cincinnati - Buffalo will be taking the sweet smell of victory with them to Cincinnati

Detroit at Dallas - This is the worse time for downtrodden Detroit to be meeting a regenerated Dallas

Cleveland at Jacksonville - Just don't think Jacksonville will be able to withstand Cleveland's punishing playing

Arizona at Kansas City - KC back at home and hopefully will put the 2 road losses behind them

Green Bay at Minnesota - This game will probably be the final nail in Childress and Favres coffin this year

Houston at New York Jets - Jets have been lucky last few games, seems like there not firing on all cylinders and they probably won't need them this week either

Oakland at Pittsburgh - West coast to East coast thingy will not work out for Raiders this year

Washington at Tennessee - Washington is a flop again this year and now even more so because you have a undermotitaving QB with a guaranteed 5 year contract not seeing eye to eye with your coach

Seattle at New Orleans - 2 road wins for Seattle, is this a miracle team in the making?

Tampa Bay at San Francisco - TB out to the west coast although this time to a comfy SF home team

Atlanta at St Louis - St Louis plays very well at home except they just can't seem to get past 20 points

Indianapolis at New England - Since they're my team I wish the COLTS well this game, but damn them injuries are heavy this year...

Sunday Night Game:

New York Giants at Philadelphia - Only hope for NYG is to try and get at Vick, other than that I don't think they will fare well - - BONUS: NYG 29 - Eagles 34

Monday Night Game:

Denver at San Diego - If Denver can start scoring early they might have a chance

Friday, November 12, 2010

2010 NFL Season - Week 10

Sunday Games - winning picks are in red

Detroit at Buffalo - Both team are chomping at the bit for this game to come, can Detroit pull a rabbit out of the hat????

New York Jets at Cleveland - Not sure what is happening but Jets are having defense problems and Cleveland is playing big time football

Minnesota at Chicago - Minnesota has only beaten Detroit, Dallas and Arizona and them were at home

Cincinnati at Indianapolis - Are the Colts injuries finally catching up with them? So far they have been able to withstand the pressure pretty good and at home this week they should hold on one more time

Houston at Jacksonville - Jacksonville will sink at home after two games on the road

Tennessee at Miami - Tennessee road games 29.5 vs 18.2 - Miami home games 19.7 vs 31.7

Carolina at Tampa Bay - Only thing I can say about this match-up is TB can score higher in games at times then Carolina can

Kansas City at Denver - Denver has to loosey goosey of a defense this year

Seattle at Arizona - Seattle on the road still play lousy and even worse in domes

Dallas at New York Giants - Dallas is totally lost, way to much confusion

St Louis at San Francisco - St Louis is becoming another Seattle

Sunday Night Game

New England at Pittsburgh - Grass will help Pittsburgh - - BONUS: NE 18 Pittsburgh 23

Monday Night Game

Philadelphia at Washington - Just seems like Vick will be the upper hand again